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Helium leak detector solutions

With over 30 years company history and a wealth of experience within the industry our success is based on understanding our customer needs and requirements, whilst giving the highest possible quality of service.

the hd1 leak detector

Following many years of development the Vaseco HD1 is a truly inspirational portable helium leak detector at the forefront of technology.

Our visionary concept with distinctive style and state-of-the-art features pushes the boundaries within leak detection technology.
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introducing the new hd complete package

ProCal HD Calibration System + HD1 Helium Leak Detector

After years of development we have brought together a true helium leak detection package capable of being used in remote areas. The total package runs off rechargeable batteries giving many hours of continuous leak testing time for the operators onsite.

about us

We are proud to be one of the most respected companies within the leak detection industry. We have long been recognised as pioneers within our field and over many years have listened and responded to our customer needs.

We have been aware of the need for a new, innovative up to date portable leak detector. The HD1 has evolved through years of dedication to our customer needs and has been developed to be the solution to these unique demands