the hd1 leak detector has arrived

Following many years of development the Vaseco HD1 is a truly inspirational portable helium leak detector at the forefront of technology.

Our visionary concept with distinctive style and state-of-the-art features pushes the boundaries within leak detection technology.

The HD1 is the highest quality product delivering precision, stability and accurate leak measurements down to minute levels with absolute confidence. No mains power required, with up to 9 hours battery life giving freedom when locating leaks on site, whether on a Gas Rig, Process Plant, Manufacturing or R&D project.

Vaseco is the global player within leak detection technology, with over 30 years company history and a wealth of experience within the industry. Our success is based on understanding our customer needs and requirements whilst giving the highest possible quality of service.

low cost ownership

The HD1 has been designed and built to the highest standards and has been tested to some of the toughest environmental conditions.

  • Low power operating consumption
  • Reliability giving minimum maintenance downtime and minimal replacement parts
  • 18 months warranty
  • Extended warranty available (Optional)

compact and mobile

The HD1 has an average start up time of 5 minutes from initial switch on. The digital touch screen display benefits from a user friendly layout with easy functions and simple navigation, similar to a smart phone app.

Light and easy to carry into restricted working areas and can also be used on the bench in a production line.

  • Clear colour touch screen with icons similar to a smartphone app making navigation around the menus simple and straightforward
  • HD1 has a small footprint and is portable with a weight of only 4.2kg
  • A complete leak detection package is offered within one protective transit case which includes Vaseco HD1 leak detector with 2 batteries, additional spare batteries, twin slot battery charger, calibration system and spares
  • Fast start up time averaging 5 minutes

self test / accuracy / repeatability / linear and stable

  • Run up procedure ‘self- tests’ at each stage
  • Calibration adjustment factor resolves to 0.1
  • Helium correction factor from 0.2% to 100% helium concentration
  • Calibration against either the Vaseco Procal or Bubbler Box
  • High quality integral ion pump ensures low drift
  • Wide dynamic range 0 to 1000scf/year with 1% helium
  • Fast helium response and recovery time
  • Helium sensitivity detection resolving to 5ppm (5×10-6 mbl/sec)
  • Quantifiable leak rate

“We are proud to be one of the most respected companies within the leak detection industry. We have long been recognised as pioneers within our field and over many years have listened and responded to our customer needs. We have been aware of the need for a new, innovative up to date portable leak detector. The HD1 has evolved through years of dedication to our customer needs and has been developed as the solution to these unique demands.”