Q. How long have you been at the company?

24 years

Q. What do you do on a typical day at Vaseco?

After assisting in the research and development of our new product, my day to day work load is spent building, testing, programming and getting the products ready for customer use. In-between this, I float between departments if require, mainly in the machine area and also the research and development of new products.

Q. Your goals at Vaseco?

I began my career at Vaseco as an apprentice, where I completed a 3 year course in mechanical engineering and NVQ. I then went on to complete a 1 year HNC and then a further year on a HNC in general engineering. My goal now is to dedicate my time to help our flagship product, the Vaseco HD1, succeed.

Q. You in three words?

  • Reliable
  • Direct
  • Logical

Q. What do you do outside of work to relax?

I regularly paly football for Betley FC and I go to Old Trafford as much as possible to watch MUFC. I also enjoy going to the gym and travelling the world whenever possible.