With critical components expected to function in environments as diverse as the North Sea or Arabian Gulf, more regular testing is now required to ensure they perform in these extreme conditions.

During cryogenic testing components are enclosed in an insulated tank and immersed in liquid nitrogen with 100% Helium as the search gas in order to simulate operating conditions. Our state-of-the-art computer systems monitor for seat leakage, temperature and pressurisation.

The emission testing is carried out by a Helium Mass Spectrometer which can detect <5ppm of the trace gas, with all emissions data recorded.

Due to the potentially hazardous nature of cryogenic testing operations, safety is of paramount importance at all times and our specialist testing area is equipped with a dedicated control room and the latest in safety protection.

Cryogenic Testing Capabilities:

  • Full cryogenic testing down to -196⁰C (-320.8⁰F)
  • Pressure ratings from ANSI Class 150 to API 20,000
  • Valves ranging in size from ½” to 36”

Typical Components for Cryogenic Testing:

Valves (including ball, gate, globe, check, choke, butterfly, relief), Actuators and Sensors.

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