Independent and Reliable Testing of your Most Critical Components

The API 6A Appendix F PR2 qualification has been specifically designed for components which will be commissioned in remote and hostile environments and gives engineers absolute confidence that their components can withstand the most arduous environments throughout their working life.

The PR2 test elevates the component to extreme high and low temperatures whilst dynamically cycling it under various pressure conditions to ensure the integrity of the seals and mechanics of the component.

PR2 Testing Capabilities:

  • Numerous environmental chambers for testing a wide variety of components
  • Largest environmental chamber measures 2m x 2m x 2.4m (W x L x D)
  • Temperature range -80⁰C to 204⁰C (-112⁰F to 399⁰F)
  • Gas test pressures to 22,500psi

Typical Components for PR2 Testing:

Wellheads, Subsea Components, Valves (including ball, gate, globe, check, choke, butterfly), Actuators, Seals (metal and elastomer), Pig Locks, Hotstab Connectors, HMHB (Hot Make Hot Break) Connectors and HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System).

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