Our state-of-the-art testing facility is ISO 9001 accredited and equipped with the latest technology and safety measures.

 Gas Testing  Body and External Leakage Tests to API   598, BS 5153, 5146, 6755, Marathon 0062,   EEMUA 170,Cycling Torque   Breakout Tests Subsea Wellhead & Tree systems BS EN ISO 13628-4:2010High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (   HIPP) TestingAmbient Temperature Testing – H2 service to Shell   77/308, BP STD-3581-A2
 Submerged Gas Testing  PSL3g
 Low Temperature Testing  Low Temperature and Cryogenic Testing   to Shell 77/306 or 77/200, ES189, BPS01-BRU2-P00-00-P1   – 1168,   Phillips FDA-A-82-P103-3011, Total SP-TCS-150,Emmua   192, Karachaganak   KPO-00-ENG-SPC-00008-E, BS 6364, ISO 28921-1:2013, BS   12567:2000
 High Temperature Testing  High Temperature Testing PR2     API 6A Testing ( ISO 10423 )
 HPHT Testing  High Pressure / High Temperature ( HPHT )   Testing
 Fugitive Emission  Testing  Emission Testing to 77/312 and 77/300   ( Type Acceptance Testing ), ISO   15848-1 , ISO15848-2
 Hydrostatic & Hydraulic Testing      Body and Seat Tests to API 6D, ANSI   B16.34 Cyclic Testing to API 17DHot Oil Type Approval Tests to Shell   T-1714355
 Hyperbaric Testing  Customer specified requirements
 Vacuum Testing  Body and Seat Helium Leakage to Shell   77/307Vacuum Pressure Decay timed to British Gas Specification
 Specialist Testing  Joule – Thomson EffectRapid Explosive   Decompression
 Research & Development         Vaseco is able to undertake special   projects and testing to customer specification Please contact   us to discuss your specific requirements
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