In early 2013, whilst we were busy making plans for the expansion of our purpose-built headquarters, land surveys were carried out before construction began and it was discovered we had a protected species of Great Crested Newt on our site in Winsford, Cheshire.

The Great Crested Newt is the biggest and least common of the three UK native newt species found in the British Isles and is one of only three amphibians protected by the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. It is therefore the subject of much research and monitoring in an effort to reverse the decline in its numbers.

Before continuing with the expansion we therefore sought the help of Cheshire Ecological Services who put together a 3 year habitat management plan for the Great Crested Newt on our site which included allocating a designated wildlife area for the newts with habitat mounds, enhanced hedgerow and the planting of new trees.

This plan enabled us to continue with our proposed building work, and we’re pleased to say that any newts on our site now have a specialist ‘safe haven’ to go to and our employees are also enjoying their new facilities.

Vaseco's Amphibian Neighbours
Newt Habitat Mounds on the Vaseco Site (top & bottom left), Male Great Crested Newt (centre) & Female Great Crested Newt (bottom right)